Winter in Maine

by Jen Burrall


 I hope you are all enjoying your winter! 

This morning started off fantastically with a beautiful walk on the beach with my friend and her wild puppies! It seemed everyone was out with their dogs tromping around in big winter boots. Going to the beach during the winter is an amazing part of living in Maine. I find it to be a place of rejuvenation and inspiration even without the warmth and sunshine that summer graces us with.

I've been working on lots of exciting new things in my studio. My "Urchin" Line is growing to include several more designs. I have been expanding on other existing styles and bringing some more mature designs back out from the vault. I'm having a great time with it as usual. I cherish this time of year for its slower pace. It allows me to regroup, refocus and replenish my fuel stores for another busy season that will be here again soon enough!