What is recycled metal anyway?

Hi Everyone! Wow! Its been a while since I've been in touch! Running a small business pulls me in so many directions. I love the variety of tasks required of me because it keeps things interesting for sure! But, sometimes it means I drop the ball on certain things-like writing my blog posts!

Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about recycling, being as green as possible and being as environmentally responsible as possible. Many of you have asked what using recycled metal means in jewelry making so I will tell you!

I started saving my metal "scrap"-the by-product of metalsmithing at the start of my business back in 2002. It has always been important to me for four reasons. 

1. I may be able to re-use the scrap in a new design. 

2. I could trade it in for $$.

3. I could send it to a refiner who would give me credit towards newly refined metal.

4. It is important for me to recycle the materials used to be earth friendly.

Below is an image of my scrap from the last few months of silver and goldsmithing. I save it all in the tray below my bench where i do all of my sawing and filing. Today is the day I will package it all up and send it off for a credit for more metal to make more jewelry! 

The thumbnail picture shows some rings in which I used wire scrap to create the prong settings-pretty cool huh?!

Thanks for reading! I will check in again when I feel there is a subject you all may be interested in! XO