Valentines Day Bandit

by Jen Burrall


Here in Portland, Maine on Valentines Day us small business owners wait anxiously to see if we have been "hit" by the Valentines Day Bandit. The "bandit" spends hours the night before Valentine's Day secretly going around town taping hearts on all of the loved businesses, homes, etc.(I just saw a wildly hand painted truck with one on it)! Do you see that small red heart printed on a sheet of white paper taped to my shop window? That means we were "hit"!!! It may seem silly, but for us it's recognition of another year as an appreciated small business in our community. We can feel the LOVE!! Thank you to the Bandit and to all of our customers for showing the LOVE this year! Come on in and say "Hi" today-If you purchase jewelry we will give you a big bar of Black Dinah Chocolate(locally made) for FREE with your purchase! XO