The Nest

by Jen Burrall


I was just thinking about my line as a whole and in particular my "nest" design. It's a design I started making right off the bat in 2002 when I launched my jewelry business here in Maine. It started as a smaller "nest" with tiny silver balls soldered on to the nest itself. I wonder if any of my collectors still have one of those early designs-I think I used to call it the "orbit nest". Send me a picture if you do! Anyway, back in the early days during a consultation with one of my wholesale buyers she recommended bulking up the nest and leaving off the silver balls. I listened to her critique and placed her suggestion in motion at the bench. Off to another craft show I went with my new, toned down version of the original. That was a true turning point in the design. It instantly appealed to more people and a smash hit was born. Today I "nest" everything. Tiny beads on ear wires to entire "nest bands" and I love it. It's a meditative process and I never quite know exactly how it will turn out! The most recent nested piece is my Mixed Metal Nest Ring. It currently features a rose cut ruby with a 14kt yellow gold nest. I just added it to my website and have gotten a great response so far! Happy perusing!