Plant Obsession Turned Side Business

For years since I opened this shop(Spring 2013) I've had succulents and Airplants scattered throughout the shop in display cases and hanging form the skylight ceiling. This space is a perfect home for these types of plants. Customers always asked if the air plants were for sale-which at the time were not. Transport to Spring 2018 and you can now purchase a plethora of various kinds of air plants in the shop. If you haven't seen these little creatures yet you should come check them out. They remind me more of pets than plants and their care couldn't be any easier. They only need to be submerged in tap water once a week for 15-20 mins. That's it! Their root system has no need for dirt-hence the name. Their natural habitat is tropical-Southeastern US and central America. Airplants are epiphytes which means they can grow on other plants and trees or even rocks by wrapping their roots around them.They love medium to bright/direct sunlight and are typically on the small side so can be placed in many different places around the home. I absolutly love bringing nature indoors and these little buggers do just that and also make gret gifts. Come see us soon! XO