Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover!

by Jen Burrall


After several months of doing absolutely nothing active this winter I decided it was time to get moving again. I could feel my energy shifting in a negative way and started noticing my clothing feeling uncomfortably tight. My body felt heavy and sluggish. I decided it was time to find a form of exercise I could do on my schedule that I enjoyed. I started my search.....

Like most people, I don't have an endless supply of money so whatever I chose was going to have to be budget friendly. The other requirement was choosing an activity I could do anytime. As a business owner and a single Mom to a five year old boy this exercise thing was going to have to fit seamlessly in to my day.

Hmmmm.... Yoga classes are too hard to try to rush to-and doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of doing yoga?! Stressing and rushing to a scheduled class didn't fit the bill for me-I had tried that route before and could hardly pull off arriving at one yoga class a week which is, by the way not anywhere near enough exercise for this gal. In the past, I was a member of a local posh $150 a month gym which I hardly went to. Even the high end eco-friendly decor and rain shower in the dressing room didn't motivate me to show up. I have always loved trail running but its too seasonal to stick to here in Maine. What was going to work? I kind of felt like I had tried everything. 

One day, while pulling into the grocery store parking lot I spotted a big white sign indicating there was a gym located in the same strip mall as the supermarket I frequently shop at. My first thought was what a strange place for a gym! And then, it dawned on me-It's close to home and in a very convenient location with parking. I signed up online for a free 7 day trial and I've been going almost every day since then. It's been over a month and hitting the treadmill has become part of my routine. I LOVE IT!!! So I guess the moral of the story is the age old "Don't judge a book by it's cover"!!!