"Alternative Bridal"?-What on earth is that?

We've had an a frame sign out on the sidewalk in front of the shop that states "check out our alternative engagement rings and wedding bands". Its peaked the interest of so many passers by. What we have learned is that the general public has no idea what we mean by that common jewelry nerd(yup, that's us)! term. So here we are-ready to educate!

When I think about alternative bridal, I consider it just another option in the sea of half round, shiny gold wedding bands and commercially prong set white diamond rings. These are styles you would typically find in a regular jewelry store. 

Us over here at JBD jewelry like to take bridal a few steps further. Rather than shiny metal(which we are happy to do if that your jam) ours typically has a matte hammered finish. You might choose a rose cut grey diamond, rainbow moonstone or a freshwater pearl-anything goes. You may be more into silver than gold-or even oxidized silver? How about an asymmetrical setting? It all works here.

Our jewelry is always made with recycled metal and fair trade/conflict free gemstones. You can customize your own ring with a choice of metals, styles, widths and stones to your own liking or pick a style right out of the case.

We love working with couples to create just what they want. Come see us to find out if we can fulfill your alternative bridal needs!